WVGS Members, please bring and wear your name BADGE. All patrons who are FULLY VACCINATED do not need to wear a mask. We request non-vaccinated patrons to please wear a mask as a courtesy to all other patrons. We encourage social distancing even if you are vaccinated. If you feel the need, please bring disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves, pens/pencils, and paper for your own personal use. Limited amounts of these supplies will be available at the aide’s desk. Pens/pencils and small pads of paper are not to be returned to the aide.

Because of the smaller size of the Multi-Purpose Room, individual teachers may require students to wear masks. Please check the class description to determine its mask policy.

Upon entering the Library, all WVGS members will sign in using their WVGS name badge as usual via the touchless sign in system and will use a stylus (if desired) to enter reason for visit.

If you are a visitor, you will be asked to sign-in on a paper sign-in sheet and include your phone number. The aide will collect the $5 fee and write a receipt as usual.

All patrons will sign a waiver regarding COVID-19 the first time they visit upon the re-opening. These are kept in a notebook at the aide’s desk. A sign will be posted reminding patrons that while WVGS is doing its best to minimize the spread of the virus, we do not guarantee the WVGS Library to be a COVID-19 free environment.

A can with pink slips for copy money will be on the aide’s desk. Patrons will be instructed to fill out pink slip stating number of copies made/printed and place slip in can with the money.

Food and drinks will be permitted and available for purchase. Food should be consumed in the break room. It is helpful if everyone takes home their own trash.

REMEMBER, it is a CHOICE to come to the Library. No member, guest, volunteer, board member and any other visitor is REQUIRED to come to the Library. Using the Library is your own, personal choice. Please use discretion for your own individual situation.


West Valley Genealogical Society