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Use the drop down box to select the area to search. Keyword searches Title, Author, And Description.  Use Keyword for searching for a Surname.
Then type what you are searching for in the text box. For Author searches, enter LastName Firstname.

Note that you can search a collection by selecting Dewey and using the following collection codes in the text box.
CD - CDs DVD - DVDs FM - MicroFilm
MF - MicroFiche P-L - Periodicals
        L=2 Letter State Abbr, 1st 3 Letters of Country
    L=ETH (Ethnic), GEN (General), LIN (Lineage)
    L=MIL (Military), MUL (Multi State), REL (Religion)
    L=FAN (Family Association Newsletters)
VF-L - Vertical Files
      L=First Letter of Surname

AC-L - Ancestor Charts
      L=First Letter of Surname (Or Submitter Name)
WC - Wall Charts X - Atlases XX - Maps


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