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The West Valley Genealogical Society has been an all Volunteer organization since its official beginnings in 1972. You don’t need special talents – although they are always welcome – just the willingness to pitch in a few hours a month and work with a Committee or take on a task or project you can do from home. If you are thinking about volunteering and would like to discuss the place where you can best help, please email the President at pres@azwvg.org.

First Steps

If you are a member, please update your member profile with your skills and interests. That way, if an opportunity comes up, we can contact you.

We usually include current needs in Tidbits which is published monthly (except June, July, and August) and can be found on the website. We also request help via our newsletter, eNews.


There are several Operating Committees that need volunteers.

A Library Committee headed by our Library Administrator Chris Palmer (email her at libadmin@azwvgs.org) needs volunteers to accession new materials for the Library, oversee the Subject files, check the library shelves to make sure materials are in the right place, and complete an annual inventory.

The Membership Committee runs the monthly meetings, is responsible for the membership renewal process and oversees WVGS Cares, the program to send cards to members who are sick or hospitalized or have had a family loss. Email Molly Monks or Liana Granica at mbrsvcs@azwvgs.org for more information.

The Computer Equipment Committee does far more than just equipment. They are the electronic heart of the Society and are responsible for both keeping the Library computers in good working order as well as programming the website and managing its content. They make sure Society data is captured and backed up. Experience with WordPress, HTML, PHP, SQL, or Constant Contact would be very welcome. Email Roger Hanneman to discuss these opportunities at cec@azwvgs.org.

The Fundraising Committee (dir.fundraising@azwvgs.org) focuses on activities that raise money for the Society. They primarily take place at our monthly meetings and annual seminar.

There are also many special Committees – ranging from Long Range Planning to the Annual Seminar which need volunteers for the many tasks those events require. Please contact pres@azwvg.org.


Our publications, Tidbits and Desert Tracker, both need volunteers to create content and proof issues.

We also publish eNews, a frequent (roughly weekly) newsletter with current information for members including news items on upcoming activities, classes, meetings, library information, tips, WVGS website resources, and other things of interest to genealogists.

Please contact pres@azwvg.org to discuss publications.


The Education Committee, headed by Connie Sheets (classes@azwvgs.org), is always looking for volunteers to create and lead classes and Special Interest Groups or sign up speakers for the monthly meetings.


Members new to the Society often start by volunteering to be an Aide. That’s the person who greets everyone who visits the Library and helps them find the information they need. Training is provided and shifts are four or five hours each. You can do one a month or one a week or only weekends. Pat Tomaro is our Aides Coordinator and her email is libraryaides@azwvgs.org.

The Library building itself needs volunteers to join cleaning teams, help with repairs, coordinate repairs and regular maintenance. Jill Mitchell at 1stvp@azwvgs.org is the person to talk to about these.

The Collection Development Committee has twin functions – overseeing the materials the library adds to its collections and coordinating the digitizing of donated research materials. Email the chair, Janet Buchanan, at cdc@azwvgs.org to volunteer.

Finally if you want to help direct the Library’s future, volunteering to be a Board member is the way to do it. Please contact pres@azwvg.org

Please Join in Helping Us.

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