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Donaldson Room Project – June 12th Update

Painting started later than planned but is, as of today, complete! The TV screen in the MPR is installed as well.

A pod will be delivered Monday, June 17th, and we’ll start moving out all the file cabinets and other stuff we’ve determined we no longer need. But the place is a mess right now. Just as with any big project, you have to make a bigger mess before you can clean it up so the improvements show. There are piles everywhere. We are leaving the Library open but not much research is getting done. Classes for June have been cancelled or postponed and SIGs have moved online.

With luck, carpeting will begin June 24th and the Library will be closed the whole week.

There will be a bottle drop July 11 and file cabinets and folding tables will be available for a donation out of the pod the same day. Watch eNews and the website for more details.

Any questions about the project should be directed to Mike Blachut (480-823-8480) or me (626-589-1303).

Stephanie Sparks

West Valley Genealogical Society