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 Board Members


 azwvgs email address


 Cathy Gallagher  pres@azwvgs.org

 1st VP

 Pam LaFond  1stvp@azwvgs.org

 2nd VP

 Adrienne Haupt  2ndvp@azwvgs.org


 Carolyn Grace  recordingsec@azwvgs.org


 Betty DeRentis  treasurer@azwvgs.org

 Director (Fundraising)

 Diana Wittenberg  dir.fundraising@azwvgs.org

 Director (Membership Outreach)

 Tina Hancox  dir.membership@azwvgs.org

 Director (Education)

 Tori Johnson  dir.education@azwvgs.org

 Director (Technology)

 Jim Sanders  dircec@azwvgs.org

 Library Administrator

 Karen Zeppenfeld  libadmin@azwvgs.org
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 Other Volunteers


 Accessioner - Books

 Linda McCleary  catalog@azwvgs.org

 Accessioner - Periodicals

 Karen R. Zeppenfeld  libadmin@azwvgs.org

 Book Purchases

 Sheri Erickson  books@azwvgs.org

 Calendar Updates

 Pat Scovel  calendar@azwvgs.org

 Collection Development Committee

 Janet Buchanan  cdc@azwvgs.org

 Computer Equipment Committee

 Roger Hanneman  cec@azwvgs.org

 Database and Member
 Lookup Permissions

 Roger Hanneman  permissions@azwvgs.org

 Digitizing of Periodicals

 Liz Crabbe/Lou McLean  digitizing@azwvgs.org

 Editor, Desert Tracker

 Carla Rideout  tracker@azwvgs.org

 Editor, Tidbits

 Suzie Myers  tidbits@azwvgs.org


 Barbara Shroyer  facebook@azwvgs.org
   File Management  Open  

Charlie Mannino/
Sharon Brown



 Jackie Menasco  grants@azwvgs.org
   Historian  Christa Minogue  historian@azwvgs.org
   Info  Sally Pavia  info@azwvgs.org

 Library Administrator

 Karen R. Zeppenfeld  libadmin@azwvgs.org

 Library Aides

 Pat Tomaro  libraryaides@azwvgs.org

 Long Range Planning

 Bob Gallagher  planning@azwvgs.org

 Mail Coordinator

 Shirley Conley  mailcoordinator@azwvgs.org

 Membership Registrar

 Nikki Diebolt  membership@azwvgs.org
   Monthly Speakers  Tori Johnson  monthlyspeakers@azwvgs.org
   Network Administrator  Rich Sporski  sysadm@azwvgs.org


 Carol Daly  news@azwvgs.org


 Ethel Sanders/Del Kunz  obits@azwvgs.org

 Obituaries Lookup

 Ethel Sanders  obits@azwvgs.org


 Charlie Mannino  photos@azwvgs.org


 Molly Monks  presentations@azwvgs.org

 Property Management

 Vera Elgin  propertymgmt@azwvgs.org

 Publicity Chair

 Clay Crawford  publicitychair@azwvgs.org


 Barbara Shroyer  publicity@azwvgs.org
   Records  Sandy Enkey  records@azwvgs.org

 Seminar Registration

 Michelle Warren  seminarreg@azwvgs.org

 Speakers Bureau

 Tori Johnson  speakers@azwvgs.org

 Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

 Barbara Shroyer  sigs@azwvgs.org

 Strategic Fundraising Committee Chair

 Lois Byrd  strategic_fundraising_committee@azwvgs.org

 Store Books (Used book sales)

 Jill Mitchell/Elaine Wright  storebooks@azwvgs.org

 Store Activity Access

 Ed Crabbe  programming@azwvgs.org

 Store Page

 Treasurer Betty DeRentis  store@azwvgs.org

 On Line Store Customer Service

 Liz Crabbe  storehelp@azwvgs.org


 Lou McLean  surnames@azwvgs.org

 Tech Donations


 Website & System Design

   Website update (adds, changes)  June Schwertfager  asstwebmaster@azwvgs.org