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Author: Theodore W. Herr

Publisher: The Examiner Printing House

Reprint 1980; original printing 1908

Family, Herr, Adams, Arterburn, Aston, Bachman, Bader, Baker, Barr, Blocher, Bowman, Brackbill, Breneman, Bressler, Brubaker, Carpenter, Diffenbach, Drumm, Eckman, Eshleman, Forney, Forrer, Frantz, Frick, Funk, Groff, Grove, Harnish, Hart, Hartman, Haverstick, Hershey, Hess, Hoover, Huber, Kauffman, Keen, Kendig, Kreider, Krug, Landis, Lantz, Lefever, Long, Longenecker, Martin, Metzler, Miller, Musselman, Musser, Myers, Neff, Rohrer, Rudy, Rutter, Shank, Shaub, Shenk, Smith, Snavely, Spence, Strite, Strohm, Summy, Tanger, Weaver, Wenger, Wiggins, Wilson, Witmer, Zimmerman, Zittle, Zook, Surnames


Price: $15.00



Author: Eli F Cooley & William S Cooley

Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Company

Year: 1977 Reprint of (original 1883)

This is a collection of genealogies of the early settlers of "Old Hunterdon County," New Jersey, the majority of the histories tracing families through successive generations of the 18th and 19th centuries in what is now mostly Mercer County. Composed chiefly of a recitation of births, marriages, and deaths, the family histories number more than sixty and touch on several thousand related persons, all of whom are conveniently cited in the index. The following is a representative list of the families treated in the work: Anderson, Anthony, Beatty, Brearley, Burroughs, Cadwalader, Chambers, Clark, Coleman, Cook, Cooley, Dean, Dickinson, Ewing, Field, Fish, Furman, Green, Guild, Hart, Hendrickson, Hild, Houston, Howell, Hunt, Jones, Lanning, Lott, McIlvaine, Moore, Muirhead, Phillips, Potts, Reading, Reed, Reeder, Roberts, Rose, Rozell, Scudder, Slack, Smith, Temple, Tindall, Titus, Tomlinson, Trent, Van Cleve, Welling, White, Woodhull, Woodruff, Woolsey, and Yard.

Price: $10.00



Family, Fogg, Fogge, Surnames, Shaw, Page, Ward, Batchelder, Libby, Warren, Staples, Dyer, Marston, Elkins, Smith, Dearbon, Robie, Elkins, Parsons, Parker, Burrin, Tilton, Drake, Blake, Robinson, Rogers, Brooks, Pilsbury, Hanscom, Hill, Fernald, Emery, Eliot, Tobey, Leighton, Hammond, Diamond, Kennard, Upham, Willis, Plummer, Moody, Clinch, Bradlee, Gordon, Littlefield, Hodgdon, Hayes, Shorey, Twambly, Conant, Perkins, Remick, Randall, Keay, Chick, Brackett, Felch, Hasty, Elder, Scott, Nutter, Robards, Snowman, Chandler, McGuire, Raymond, Haskell, Cobb, Merrill, Lufkin, Lombard, Hatch, Chipman, Warff, Dunham, Royal, York, McIntire, Bradbury, Fellows, Merriman, Howe, Works, Moulton, Cole, Maloon, Knowls

Compiled by: Mrs. Horace Fogg

This is a photocopy of an original.


Price: $5.00



Author: Charles Barney Whittelsey

Publisher: Press of the Case

Year: Printed copy of original 1898 book

 Family, Whittelsey, Whittlesey, Surnames, Abbe, Ackley, Alden, Allen, Andover, Atkinson, Atwater, Averill, Ayer, Bacon, Badger, Baker, Baldwin, Barbour, Barnard, Barnes, Barney, Bayliss, Beale, Belden, Beswich, Billard, Bissell, Bliss, Blodgett, Boardman, Booker, Bostwick, Bronson, Brown, Brownell, Buckheart, Buckingham, Buckland, Buel, Bull, Bushnell, Butler, Butts, Cady, Callender, Camp, Carman, Carmell, Carpenter, Carter, Chandler, Chapman, Chauncey, Clark, Cogswell, Cole, Collier, Colman, Comstock, Conant, Condit, Cook, Cowles, Cox, Cross, Curtis, Davis, Day, Deming, Dennison, Dibble, Dickinson, Dudley, DuVernet, Dwight, Edbersoll, Elliott, Emerson, Failing, Fairchild, Farrell, Fell, Ferry, Fish, Fisher, Fletcher, French, Frost, Gaskell, Gates, Goodrich, Gross, Grant, Green, Greenwood, Griswold, Gunn, Hall, Hamlin, Hart, Humes, Harvey, Hatch, Hayden, Hersey, Hildrith, Hill, Hillard, Hine, Hodgson, Holden, Hook, Hopkins, Hotchkiss, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hubbell, Hull, Hunt, Ingham, Ingraham, Jackson, Jacques, Jameson, johnson, Jones, Judson, Kellogg, Kelsey, King, Kirtland, Knapp, Kotz, Lay, Leavenworth, Lee, Leonard, Lewis, Lightburn, Lindsey, Linsley, Loomis, Lord, Lourey, Lyman, Maginnis, Mann, Marshall, Mather, Matthews, Merrick, Miles, Mills, Mitchell, Mix, Moore, Morgan, Nettleton, Newell, Newton, Nichols, Norris, Norton, Oliver, Peale, Peck, Perry, Pollard, Phelps, Pitkin, Pomeroy, Porter, Pratt, Preston, Rice, Richards, Robbins, Robinson, Rouse, Scranton, Sears, Sedgwick, Selden, Shaw, Sheldon, Sibson, Simmons, Simpson, Smith, Spencer, Sperry, Stafford, Stanley, Steel, Sterling, Sterry, Stevens, Stiles, Stockman, Stone, Stratton, Strong, Swift, Taylor, Tebyrica, Thomas, Thompson, Tracey, Treat, Trowbridge, Trumbull, Tryon, Tupper, Upson, Vosburg, Wade, Wadhams, Wadsworth, Wairte, Wakefield, Walker, Walton, Wattles, Welch, Wells, White, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Winslow, Woodruff, Wright, Youngs


Price: $6.00



Compiled by Emma Siggins White

Publisher: Tiernan-Dart Printing

Year: 1920

Genesis of the White Family: A Connected Record of the White Family Beginning in 900 at the Time of Its Welsh Origin When the Name was Wynn, and Tracing the Family into Ireland and England. Several of the Name Entered England with the Norman Conqueror. Representatives of the English Branch Emigrated to America in 1638

The Scotts of Scot's Hall in the County of Kent, England. One of the Oldest Recorded Families, Their Traditionary History Beginning in Ireland about 300 B.C. The Authenticated Record Herein given Dates Back to 400 A.D. Emigration to America was in 1740. Their Descendants are to be Found in Every State of the Union. Supplemental Records, Biographical Sketches and Coats of Arms of Nearly Seventy Allied Families.

Family, White, Wynn, Scott, Surnames


Price: $10.00




Publisher: Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co, inc, Baltimore, 1972

Originally Published Government Printing Office, Washington, 1908

Price: $10.00



Author:  John Farmer

Price: $35.00



Editor: Clyde A. Rowen

Publisher: Turner Publishing Company

Year: 1993

150th Anniversary (1841 - 1941) of Wright County, Missouri

Includes many photographs of persons and places



Price: $25.00

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