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Author: Mildred Welty Slavens

Publisher: Mildred Welty Slavens

Year: 1996

Family, Kerr, Surnames, Adams, Armstrong, Bain, Barton, Beal, Biddle, Bigelow, Birdsall, Boyer, Bracken, Brice, Butler, Carothers, Champion, Clark, Clotter, Clouse, Cohen, Crabtree, Craig, Crawford, Culbertson, Cunningham, Dale, Davenport, Dick, Dodson, Donahue, Downing, Dudney, Durell, Eaton, Edwards, Evans, Farr, Fender, Ferrier, Fesperman, Finley, Fisher, French, Garland, Garret, Gleeves, Gold, Goodwin, Graham, Hachedorn, Halla, Hart, Hayes, Heap, Heeter, Heishell, Heller, Hicks, Hill, Hooper, James, Johns, Karner, Keck, Kuhlman, Lamb, Leatz, Little, Manard, Markle, Marques, Martin, McCary, McCullough, McDowell, McHenry, McKee, Miller, Moore, Muirdock, Nicewander, Nicholson, O'Donnell, Oberg, Olson, Page, Patterson, Pinkston, Porter, Post, Power, Ramsey, Reid, Rice, Ritter, Saunders, Schnoor, Scott, Seccombe, Selman, Sharrer, Sheppard, Shockley, Simpson, Slavens, Smith, Snodgrass, Snyder, Stewart, Stockton, Taylor, Thomas, Trapps, Tulin, VanMeter, Vance, Vaneman, Watson, Weaver, Welch, Wells, Welty, Williams, Wright, Yates, Young

Price: $5.00



Author: Arthur L Stone

Publisher: Pictorial Histories Publishing Co. Inc.

Price: $15.00



New England, New Hampshire, Maine

Author:   Sybil Noyes, Charles Thornton Libby, Walter Goodwin Days

Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, Baltimore

Price: $40.00



Author: Noel C. Stevenson

Publisher:Aegean Park Press

Price: $18.00



Author:  Karen T. Ackermann, compiler/editor; Leslie K. Towle, editor

Price: $18.00



Author: Theodore W. Herr

Publisher: The Examiner Printing House

Reprint 1980; original printing 1908

Family, Herr, Adams, Arterburn, Aston, Bachman, Bader, Baker, Barr, Blocher, Bowman, Brackbill, Breneman, Bressler, Brubaker, Carpenter, Diffenbach, Drumm, Eckman, Eshleman, Forney, Forrer, Frantz, Frick, Funk, Groff, Grove, Harnish, Hart, Hartman, Haverstick, Hershey, Hess, Hoover, Huber, Kauffman, Keen, Kendig, Kreider, Krug, Landis, Lantz, Lefever, Long, Longenecker, Martin, Metzler, Miller, Musselman, Musser, Myers, Neff, Rohrer, Rudy, Rutter, Shank, Shaub, Shenk, Smith, Snavely, Spence, Strite, Strohm, Summy, Tanger, Weaver, Wenger, Wiggins, Wilson, Witmer, Zimmerman, Zittle, Zook, Surnames


Price: $15.00



Family, Fogg, Fogge, Surnames, Shaw, Page, Ward, Batchelder, Libby, Warren, Staples, Dyer, Marston, Elkins, Smith, Dearbon, Robie, Elkins, Parsons, Parker, Burrin, Tilton, Drake, Blake, Robinson, Rogers, Brooks, Pilsbury, Hanscom, Hill, Fernald, Emery, Eliot, Tobey, Leighton, Hammond, Diamond, Kennard, Upham, Willis, Plummer, Moody, Clinch, Bradlee, Gordon, Littlefield, Hodgdon, Hayes, Shorey, Twambly, Conant, Perkins, Remick, Randall, Keay, Chick, Brackett, Felch, Hasty, Elder, Scott, Nutter, Robards, Snowman, Chandler, McGuire, Raymond, Haskell, Cobb, Merrill, Lufkin, Lombard, Hatch, Chipman, Warff, Dunham, Royal, York, McIntire, Bradbury, Fellows, Merriman, Howe, Works, Moulton, Cole, Maloon, Knowls

Compiled by: Mrs. Horace Fogg

This is a photocopy of an original.


Price: $5.00



Author: compiled by H. Stanley Craig

Publisher: H. Stanley Craig

Year: Reprinted 1998; copyright 1930

Contains alphabetically arranged marriage records published in the New Jersey Archives. Includes an index of women's names.


Price: $6.00

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