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Mar 12, 2018



Howard Mathieson

Mckell Keeney

Howard Mathieson is a retired University of Winnipeg Geography Instructor and Administrator. 

His combined interest in geography and genealogy have led him to focus his interests in surname research, analyzing the origin and distribution of surnames through time and space.


Over the years his research has expanded to include a wide range of English, Scottish and Irish surnames.


Howard is a member of the Manitoba Genealogical Society and the Guild of One Name studies. He has published numerous articles in the Journal of One Name Studies. 


He maintains “The Geography of Surnames” Website ( and administers several Facebook groups including the Surname Distribution Map group, and the Ulster Scot, Scots Irish, and Google Earth for Genealogists Facebook groups.


The Geography
of Surnames


The development of surnames in the British Isles was a complex process.


Historically, successive waves of Angles, Saxons and Danes left their imprint on the landscape of Britain in the form of a rich tapestry of place names. These place names in turn laid the foundation for tens of thousands of English surnames.


The presentation will demonstrate the approach used by surname researchers to trace a surname to its origin.


Attention will then focus on the underlying regional character of the English landscape, examining the pattern of Saxon and Scandinavian place names and the distinctive surnames which resulted. 


Surname case studies reflecting the regional geography of England will conclude the presentation.


Examples will be drawn from the woodlands, as well as the agricultural and textile industries.