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We now have two WVGS Facebook pages. Our old West Valley Genealogical Society Facebook page is being transitioned to a
read only page.

Our new AZWVGS Facebook group is a private group for West Valley Genealogical Society members.

Only group members will be able to see posts, add posts, and see who is in the group. This is a place for WVGS
members to interact and share.

How do you join the new group?

  1. You need a Facebook account. Facebook users already have this. Others can go to and set up an account.
  2. Search for AZWVGS. There is a search bar at the top of your Facebook page.
  3. Find and click the green “Join” button on the azwvgs page.
  4. You will be asked a question: Are you a WVGS member? If not, what is your connection to WVGS?
  5. Wait for approval
  6. Please read our group purpose and our guidelines before
    making your first post.

      Contact if you have problems joining the
      new group.

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